Screed Moisture Testing Burton-Upon-Trent

When using a fast-drying screed, it is still essential to the moisture content in the screed before proceeding to lay the floor coverings.

On this Burton-Upon-Trent project, Gypsol Rapide Fast Drying Flowing Screed was the client’s choice, apart from its fast-drying properties, the high thermal conductivity works perfectly with the underfloor heating system.

Having already commissioned the underfloor heating would dramatically assist the drying process. Confirmation of the moisture was needed, before laying the beautiful ceramic tiles

The floor was first assessed using the Tramex CMEX5 meter set to the CM reading. Once the wettest areas had been identified, a calcium carbide test could be used to instantly confirm the screed’s moisture content.

The target moisture content on the CM scale was 0.5% for this calcium sulphate screed.

After surveying the area, the wettest readings were 1.3%, therefore the calcium carbide test was postponed as the reading was not in the ballpark.

Further drying was required, and a second test to confirm moisture content before proceeding with the installation.

Don’t Risk It. Test It!