Screed Moisture Testing London

After having a calcium sulphate screed laid on a project in London. The client wanted to lay his engineered wooded flooring. Knowing the moisture content of the screed was critical, getting it wrong would have serious implications for the wood.

Having already commissioned the underfloor heating, which would dramatically assist the drying process. Confirmation of the moisture was needed.

The floor was first assessed using the Tramex CMEX5 meter set to the CM reading. Once the wettest areas had been identified a calcium carbide test could be used to give instant confirmation of the moisture content of the screed.

The floor had underfloor heating pipes encased within the screed. We had to identify the location of the pipes using thermal imaging so as to avoid any risk of damage when taking the samples.

Once the sample was taken it was double-bagged so as to keep the material in a controlled environment.

The sample was then tested using the calcium carbide method (CM method).

Results of the test indicated if the wooden flooring could be installed safely or not. Don’t Risk It. Test It.